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What To Wear For Your Boudoir Shoot

Boudoir Photography Bay Area - I wonder when he will return
Warning: Images may contain actual or implied nudity. Do not continue if you are under 18 or if you find such images disturbing
“Boudoir Photography” brings up different pictures in people’s minds.  I think the most common is sexy poses in some lingerie.  But search for Boudoir Photography, especially in the Bay Area. You will see everything from simple t-shirts, to slutty lingerie, to expensive designer lingerie, fully nude, and all the way into fetish wear.
If you have an upcoming boudoir photo shoot, be sure to work with your photographer to get the outfits (or lack of outfits) that are right for you.

Sometimes The Basics Are The Best

With all those options out there, how do you pick what to bring?

Here are some of the basics that give me, as the photographer, the most options to work with:

Plain White Tee

An oversized white tee shirt can be one of the most versatile items in your arsenal.  In fact, it is so comfortable and good for so many looks that I always have one of my clean white tee shirts on set for the shoot.

This is a good place to start in a shoot while you are still getting comfortable working with the photographer.  Because who isn’t comfortable in a big floppy tee shirt?

Oversize Button Down Shirt

Boudoir Photography Bay Area - I wonder when he will return

In much the same way a big baggy tee shirt can be comfortable and still sexy, women have been tempting men by wearing their shirts in the bedroom for decades.

This item is another basic that I always have with me at my boudoir shoots.

There are so many ways to use this, you will be amazed.

A Classic Two Piece Lingerie Set

There is a reason a fancy bra and panty set is such a basic definition of sexy that it is almost cliche. 
Not only does it show off what you want to show off without technically being naked.  It also gives you so many options on where to go next.
You can remove the bra and be topless.  Or you can remove the panties and keep the bra.  Or you can throw that oversized button-down shirt or a robe over the top to provide tantalizing hints of what is to come.
In other words, you should plan on having at least one good-fitting bra and panty set with you for your shoot.

Whatever Makes You Feel Good About You

Just with those basic tools your photographer will have a lot of options.  So now you get a chance to express yourself.

The options are nearly limitless.  Are you a country girl?  Bring a cowboy hat.  Do you like to feel powerful?  Some tall heels, or even some leather if you are up to it.

Brainstorm ideas with your photographer.  Between the two of you, you should be able to capture something that opens up your inner being and shows it to the world.

Can’t think of anything?  Take a look at my “19 Perfect Boudoir Styling Ideas”  and see if that doesn’t spark some ideas.

Boudoir Photography Bay Area - spread your wings, Beauty
Boudoir Photography Bay Area - curves for days
Boudoir Photography Bay Area - Pixie in green

The "N" Word


There I said it.  It is probably the thing that makes women most nervous about exploring boudoir photography.

Because unless you look like a fashion model or a pin-up girl, you have been told all your life that you don’t look good naked.  They are wrong.

But don’t get naked if you don’t want to.  Many of my clients have not gotten naked.  Which just means I failed at my job to help them feel comfortable in the skin they are in. But many of my clients do get naked, even when they came in thinking they wouldn’t.

A professional boudoir photographer will be able to take pictures of you naked that you will love.  From a little naughty, to a little innocent, to very sexy, to downright erotic.

Don’t close your mind if they suggest during the shoot that a particular pose works well naked.  We are not in the business of taking less than beautiful pictures of people.

A Word About Fit and Feel

No matter what outfits you choose, it is important that they fit correctly and that they make you feel good about yourself.

Many women have a tendency to buy outfits that are just a bit too small.  Somehow society has told us the straining a piece of fabric to its limits and spilling out all over it is sexy.  But I have never seen a client in a too small outfit act like they are comfortable and empowered by it.  Instead they are pulling and adjusting and checking what’s showing the whole time they have it on.

That is why it is important that the outfits you bring for your shoot fit well and that you feel comfortable in them.  Because uncomfortable is not sexy in any situation.

Yes, it is fun to go shopping and get a new outfit (or three) for your shoot, but be sure you go to a specialty lingerie store and get help with a professional fit.  

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