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4 Secrets To Upping Your Spicy Selfie Game

The biggest thing that scares women away from booking their Boudoir Experience is “I don’t look sexy when I pose.” And they are probably right. Because the things we do in real life to look sexy and appealing don’t always translate well to the camera.

Fortunately for both of us, there are techniques to fix this. And it doesn’t require becoming a contortionist or taking 40 hours of modeling school classes.

When you come to me for your Boudoir Experience, it is my job to coach you into the most flattering poses, and I will watch that all day long to make sure you look like the fantastic powerful woman you are.  But there are steps you can take at home, so even your spicy selfies look hotter.

Things You Can Do Right Now

Don’t tell anyone, but I will share just with you the four secrets I give my clients when we get ready to start our shoot.  These four tips form the foundation of excellent Boudoir posing. If you feel adventurous, feel free to use them for your next spicy selfie.

1. Body Positioning

It is simple. We humans like curves and triangles. They are pleasing to our eye. So you want to create curves and triangles with your body.

As one of my instructors says, “If it curves, curve it. If it bends, bend it.”

I give you permission to kick those hips, flex that butt, twist your shoulders. And you want to do it even bigger than you would think you should. Remember, the camera sees things differently than your Mom when she told you, “ladies don’t stand like that.”

(As an aside, curving your butt happens by kicking your hips BACK. Sticking out your chest or bending the middle of your back does nothing to change the shape of your butt)

The human eye is attracted to curves and triangles

2. Point Your Toes

Pointing your toes tightens up your legs and your butt. And it makes you look longer overall. Even the chubbiest calves (yes, I am talking about mine) get curvy when you point those toes.

I have heard this referred to as “ballerina feet” or “Barbie feet.” In every shot, think about ways to point your toes more.

Pointing your toes provides more definition to your whole body

3. Get That Sultry Look On Your Face

This one is a little trickier because it has three parts to it:

a) Softly relax your eyelids. Let them close maybe a quarter of the way. You might want to practice this one in the mirror several times. I know when I try it, my first impulse turns into a frown. But it is a softening, not a tightening.  One good way to get here is to close your eyes and open them very slowly.  

b) Open your mouth just slightly. One way to get a feel for this is to take a deep breath and then sigh heavily through your lips. Doing that makes your lips soft and inviting.

c) Now that your eyes are partially closed, and you are breathing through your mouth, it can appear as angry instead of sexy. So the tip I learned to soften it up is to imagine you have a secret. Something naughty and fun that only you know.

4. Your Hands Tell The Story

The last piece of the puzzle is what to do with your hands. You can have the most incredible curves in your body, be standing way up tall on tiptoes, with a sultry come-hither look on your face. But the whole thing falls apart if you don’t know what to do with your hands.

Just like in hula dancing your hands tell the story of what is happening or what is about to happen. Use them to play with your hair, the hem of your outfit, or maybe a strap on your top. Move your hands up and down your body. Play gently with your lips.

And while you are moving your hands, don’t forget those arms and elbows offer excellent opportunities to create triangles (Our eyes are drawn to triangles. Remember?).

BONUS TIP: Use Video To Make Selfies

When trying to capture that perfect spicy selfie on your phone, record a video. That leaves your hands free to pose, and you can screenshot that one perfect moment when everything comes together.

Now It's Your Turn

There is a lot more to getting that perfect Boudoir shot, but using these tips at home will improve your spicy selfies.

Let me know in the comments how it goes.

Once now that your know you CAN learn how to pose, go ahead and let’s get started on your personal Boudoir Experience

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