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Six Tips For Choosing a Boudoir Photographer

I shoot beauty where I find it. My motto is "If it gets in my way I will shoot it"

Getting the right Photographer is important

Boudoir photography is an intimate, sensual, and sometimes suggestive style of photography that celebrates the woman’s body and her strength. Even though a boudoir portrait walks the fine line between glamour and fashion photography, my clients are most often everyday women. Boudoir portrait photography offers a portrait experience like no other. If you are looking for:
– a feeling of empowerment,
– or are on a journey of self-discovery,
– and/or need a confidence boost,
– or just looking at a carefree abashed way of expressing yourself,
then a boudoir portrait experience is just the thing you need.

But who do you want guiding and supporting you through this important journey? Finding the right boudoir photographer can make your Boudoir Experience an empowering journey to rediscover your sexuality. Just as the wrong one can leave you frustrated, embarrassed, and afraid.

How to find the photographer that is right for you

Everyone is different, and everyone will take a different path to choose a photographer. But here are some essential things to consider when pondering your choice

1. Are They Boudoir Specialists?

Some photographers will shoot anything. Baby? Sure! Restaurant Menu? Why not? Soccer team pictures? Bring it on. Wedding? Save me some cake!

You want to ensure you book a photographer who lives and breathes Boudoir and Glamour. Why? Because a boudoir specialist will know how to light the female form and pose professionally to emphasize your strengths. (And minimize your weaknesses. We all have them. No need to be embarrassed). They know how to guide you through a transformational experience.

While I still take occasional portrait jobs (PG&E likes to get paid regularly), I am 100% dedicated to Boudoir. I study every week and shoot experimental shoots every month. Continuous education and practice are how we grow.

2. Are They A Legitimate Business?

Are they a registered, licensed business working out of a professional facility? Never go to someone’s home or a random hotel room to shoot a Boudoir Experience. You want to be sure of your personal safety and the integrity of the person guiding you through this often intimate journey.  There are people (and unfortunately for me, mostly men) who are only interested in taking advantage of the intimacy of the setting.

My Boudoir Experience happens at Studio 510 in downtown Antioch. This is a well-established studio with multiple photographers sharing the space.  And most often there is someone else coming right after we finish to do a different kind of shoot.  Our shooting time is private, but only while we have it booked.

Boudoir Photography Bay Area - Classic Arch Pose
Boudoir Photography Bay Area - spread your wings, Beauty

3. Do They Match The Style You Are Looking For?

There are lots of different styles of Boudoir Photography. So come into the process knowing what you want. Are you looking for natural light, a more open and airy look? Or does the high-contrast, dark, and mysterious look appeal to you?  Or are you looking for the very trending bright reds and blues of a more artsy look?

While I (and most any professional photographer) CAN shoot dark and mysterious, that is not my go-to mode. If that is what you are looking for, let me steer you to another local Boudoir Photographer who can better meet that need.  And there are definitely better choices for the art look out there.  I will be glad to guide you to some if you need help finding them.

4. Do They Listen To Your Input?

This is a highly individual experience for most women. So you don’t want a photographer that provides a cookie-cutter photoshoot.

You want a Photographer interested in getting the best possible Experience for you. And there is no way to do that without finding out your wishes, expectations, and fears about the Experience. 

Despite my best efforts over a lifetime, I still cannot read minds. Your Photographer should listen to what you want to get from your Experience and be able to tell you how they are going to create that for you.

Every one of my Boudoir Experiences starts with a meeting to discuss your goals, wants, and wishes. And one of the first questions I will ask in that meeting is, “What brings you to Boudoir?” 

Your Boudoir Experience is your journey. I am here to enable you down that pathway.

5. How Do They Ensure Your Privacy And Security?

I take this issue very seriously. Every client gets to choose if and how their pictures might be shared on my blog or social media for promotional purposes. Furthermore, your photos will never end up in the hands of anyone who would compromise your privacy.

That privacy starts with the fact I am a one-person organization.  There is no “team” that has access to your photos.  Your photos go onto my camera and straight to my secure computer at my office.

6. Are They Transparent About Pricing And What You Are Buying?

Far too many photographers want to treat their pricing as if it were some dark and mystic secret from the great beyond. Photographers have even been known to hold the client’s images hostage to milk more money out of the deal.

Suppose you asked me how much your Experience will cost in total before we have our initial meeting. In that case, the best I can say is “it depends” Because until we talk, neither one of us knows the details of what you want.

But I can tell you upfront that the Boudoir Experience costs $395. The details of what you get for that price are listed right on the home page of my website (https://BoudoirByRonO.com). In addition, there is a minimum product purchase amount of $450.

Suppose you asked me how much your Experience will cost in total before we have our initial meeting. In that case, the best I can say is “it depends” Because until we talk, neither one of us knows the details of what you want. But by the time you book your appointment at that initial meeting, you will have my complete retail price list to review and know exactly what your options are.

Put Your New Knowledge To Work!

Now that you have clear guidelines for selecting a Boudoir Photographer, it is time to jump into action. Start researching what you want and who can create it for you.

And, of course, if your short list includes Boudoir By Ron O, I can’t wait to speak to you about building the perfect Boudoir Experience for you.

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