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About Ron O and Why I Shoot Boudoir

Award winning published photographer

Meet Ron

I’m Ron and I photograph dynamic women over 40 who want to feel desirable and sexy and reclaim their power over their bodies.

In fact, one adoring client shared “I felt so comfortable and confident and I owe that to Ron. Upon going in I was extremely nervous and didn’t even think I would go through with it I didn’t think that I was sexy I mean I am almost 50 I was doing this as a mid life crisis I guess anyway I am so glad I did and glad I chose Ron”

When I’m not photographing dynamic women like you, you can find me singing karaoke (We have a LIVE BAND karaoke night near me) or exploring (and photographing) the wonders of Northern California (I love day trips in the car).

My story

My interest in photography started when I was in junior high school. After setting it aside as a hobby when I came into adulthood, I began studying again in earnest in 2018.
I shoot beauty where I find it. My motto is "If it gets in my way I will shoot it"
Ron O - Owner and Photographer
I take pictures of nearly every beautiful thing I can find - landscapes, buildings, digital abstracts, and family portraits. It was not until I got the opportunity to do a boudoir shoot with a friend that I really felt joy in my photography.
Bay Area Boudoir Photography Portfolio
Boudoir Photography Bay Area - let Your beauty shine
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Women are told that beauty is something specific.

When I started shooting Boudoir, I found that women, lovely women, would be amazed at how beautiful they were.

I have shot women of many shapes, sizes, and ages, from super-thin model types to women who would not be considered traditionally beautiful. And once I started taking pictures, they became increasingly empowered and comfortable being who they are. I showed them their beauty the way I see it, the way the outside world sees it.

I can’t guarantee your Boudoir Experience will be a life-changing event. Still, I can guarantee it will show you that you are magnificent as you are in this moment. You don’t have to wait for some magic, transformative event to claim your self-worth.

You can celebrate your best self right now.

Why I Shoot Boudoir

I grew up surrounded by powerful women. My mother, sister, and aunts were self-aware women who did not rely on the outside world to verify their self-worth.

And so, of course, I married a woman of similar self-confidence.

But I have noticed that not every woman feels that way. And realistically, I don’t think any woman always feels that way. (It’s not just a woman thing. Men all have their self-doubts as well)

Media, especially those marketed to women, hold out a particular idea of beauty. Tall, thin, vaguely exotic without being ethnic. Women’s media is filled with messaging about losing weight, makeup tips, and instructions on what clothes will make you socially acceptable this season. And you are constantly bombarded with the message that you need to find a man.

In other words, you are told you must change something to be acceptable.

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